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tle in N●ational Games h〓istory. Lin, who● represents People'〓s Liberation Ar■my, overcame world ●No.4 Chen Jin〓 from Jiangsu 21-●17, 15-21, 21-7 ●in a 82-minute ■semifinal duel. This● was a replay ●of the semi●final of l●ast National Games w●hen Lin defeate●d Chen to adva■nce into the● finals then l〓ifted the title af■ter pipping ■Bao Chunlai from H●unan. Bao n●otched up the other ■semi after taking

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d●own Hu Yun from Hong■ Kong 21-14,● 21-6. "Bao has ●clinched sev○eral titles■ this year and is ●now in goo○d shape," said secon◆d world rank〓ed Lin. "The■ final could be◆ a fierce batt■le." Bao wa◆s to

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rtured by kn○ee injury earli■er this year but st●ill managed to● be crowned in A■sian Championsh■ips in April, Sin〓gapore Sup◆er Series i■n June, and Japan ●Super Series in Se●ptember. LINYI, Eas○t China,

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Oct. 1◆4 (Xinhua) -●- Teenager cent○er Zheng Bowe●n scored 44 points■ to give Zhejiang th●e first win● in the women'○s basketball t●ournament of 1◆1th Chinese Nation〓al Games her〓e on Wednesday, b●eatin

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    g Hub■ei 99-79 in the la■st round o○f the preliminary ●phase.The Zh◆ejiang side had su■ffered four straig〓ht defeats in the p○reviou

    s games w●ith no chanc〓e left to enter● the final eight.◆ Their opponent Hu○bei also lost hope f●or a berth at the q●uarterfinals, an■d both teams ●wanted to ○grab a

    win to av●oid an emba〓rrassing n●o-win group stage◆ exit.The 19-year■-old Zheng carried ◆the team on he●r back from the ve●r

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    y beginning of t■he match, she co◆llected 19〓 points in the fi○rst half to give Zh●ejiang a 53-44 ◆lead. And when t●he game resumed,

    t●he in-form Zheng c〓ontinued to● extend the adv■antage for Zhejian■g.Zheng, 1.93m, ●buried 19 shots from○ 29 attempts and als◆o sank sixfree throw■s to lead the sco〓

    re list. He○r teammate Shi■ Yitong adde●d 20 for Zhejiang.● Foward Xin S◆huang of Hubei had 〓a team-high 27, wh●ile shooti●n

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